Il Bouleuterion - An advice for the town

The elders told us there was a city here, even before the Romans had arrived.
None remembers the name of this city, but someone says that people used to call it in the same way they do today, yet using another language.
They said it used to be a beautiful city full of temples for the gods, houses for men, buildings for magistrates, and the walls that were built back then are the same that today we can see with big doors and a powerful fortress for defense nearby.
There was also a building with a hall where the council would meet surrounded by beautiful arcades and fountains, just like in Paestum.


This hall occupied the center of the city, along with the most important street. It was like a little theatre with the bleachers on which the heads of the most powerful families would sit to decide people’s life.
They would meet to decide with whom to go to war or whether to negotiate a peace or make an alliance.each decision was presented to the deity protector of the city. For this reason, there was an altar in front of the stairs where people would make offers to the god so that it would inspire the best choices.

Excavation of the meeting room of the IV B.C. in the Urban Archaeological Park of the Ancient Volcei

Texts: A. Lagi
Picture: SABAP Salerno- Avellino
English translation: Scu association Pro Loco Buccino Volcei